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Why Go Solar?

The Power Of Solar:

Our Sun produces enough power in one second to satisfy the total energy demand of the people of our planet for the next 500 years. Today, if we were to install solar panels in only about 3% of the earth’s deserts, we would produce more than enough power to provide the energy required by the entire world.

Solar Power is clean, inexhaustible, and easy to harness through advancing technologies and products that are readily available today. Today’s technologies and products are becoming more and more accessible, affordable, and available to homes, businesses, and institutions across the United States and the rest of the world. Today’s governmental tax incentives will reduce the total cost of your system by 30%. Solar Energy allows us to take advantage of the greatest form of energy and the source of all life on our planet, the SUN. With virtually no moving parts, no noise, no pollution, and extreme safety standards, Solar Energy will provide you with your own source of reliable power for years to come.

So, to summarize:

Electricity rates are only going up (every year).

Solar electric system will reduce up to 100% of your electric bill.

Solar electric system provides security, energy independence, and a real peace of mind for you and your family.

Solar system adds value to your home or business.

Solar system is an environmentally responsible technology. It produces “zero” emissions so it does not harm people or our environment.

The solar panels are extremely reliable, with no moving parts. The manufacturer provides you with a warranty of 25 years (the actual life expectancy may be 40 years or longer).

Solar system will start making you money from day one.

The money you are paying monthly to your utility company is “after tax”. The energy you produce with your PV system is tax-free and never taxed.

Today, there are many financing options available that can make going solar affordable and possible. Cosmic Solar will show you the way to creating your own solar power and to achieve energy independence.