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What is the Best Solar Mounting Solution for My Solar Project?

One question many of our savvy solar consumers oftentimes ask our solar specialists here at Cosmic Solar is, “what’s the best type of solar mount for my project?” It’s an excellent question and one that can depend greatly on the type of roof you have and many other considerations.

Over the years, our professional installers at Cosmic Solar have installed over 2,000 solar systems all over Southern California. Even though our two offices are in North County San Diego, we’ve installed projects from Orange County all the way down to the Mexican border station in Tecate and have customers all over the map. Thousands of installations have allowed us to become accustomed to seeing every different type of roof out there, from concrete tiles to metal roofs, asphalt shingles, shade structures, clay tiles and more.

So… Which Option is the Best for My Roof?

The short answer is it depends. There are many factors that go into consideration when choosing the right type of mount for your project. Our solar specialists at Cosmic Solar have years — a few even have decades — of experience to help educate you on the type of roof you have and other considerations for choosing the correct mount.

Some companies only opt to go with one type of mounting method for their installations, but here at Cosmic Solar we realize that every situation is different and having a basket of options, such as ground mounted systems when a roof is heavily shaded, or using tilt up kits on a non-visible flat roof to help out the aesthetics of your home. Oftentimes different types of mounts or mounting methods are warranted.

If you’re curious about what the best option is for your home, feel free to reach out at 760-749-1111 or to our sales and operations team for advice on what type mounting solution would best suit your home. We want to help and we can HELP!