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Cosmic Solar, Inc. provides Solar Energy Solutions to Homes and Businesses across Southern California. We have assembled one of the most experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable teams of professionals to provide our customers with the highest quality of materials and services available. We hold a C-10 Electrical License and a C-46 Solar license from the State of California’s Licensing Board.

We offer a complete line of Solar Services that will make your transition to clean, reliable, and inexhaustible Solar Energy effortless and seamless.

Design and Installation
Solar Electric (PV)
Solar Hot Water (SWH)
Solar Pool Heating
Full Solar Services

Cosmic Solar is proud to be Number One

We’ve installed more solar systems in Valley Center than any other company (source: CSI Statistics).
One of the lowest $ per Watt system price among all other solar companies.
100% of systems installed worked flawlessly the first time!
Most of the systems installed produced more power than original design.
Voted by VC Chamber of Commerce as “The Small Business of the Year for 2010.”
100% Customer Satisfaction Rating and A+ BBB rating.
Authorized SUNPOWER dealer and certified installer.
Rated #1 by for the most number of positive customer reviews in the State of California.

We will provide you with the following services:

Analysis of your power usage to determine the size of system you will need. As part of this analysis, we will conduct a detailed “Energy Evaluation” of your home or business to identify potential areas that could reduce your energy consumption, maximize your energy efficiency, and reduce your energy bills. This will minimize the size of the PV system you will need, thereby reducing the cost of your system.
Site analysis to determine the optimum location and layout of your PV system.
Handle and process all of the necessary documentations for government rebates and incentives.
Design and installation of your system.
Install and incorporate a Real Time Web Monitoring System to track the performance of your system every day of the year to ensure optimum production.
Permitting and regulatory compliance.
Provide you with Warranties on your entire system. These include a 25 year warranty on your solar panels, and up to a 25 year warranty on the inverters, and a 10 year full warranty on the entire installation.