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SDGE Quietly Raises Electric Rates at the Start of 2017

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Unbeknownst to most ratepayers in San Diego Gas and Electric territory, SDG&E raised your electric rates to new highs with about a 7% increase in early 2017.

Click here to view: SDG&E Quietly Raises Electricity Rates

  • Here at Cosmic Solar, we keep a close eye on rate changes and how this affects San Diegans and SDGE began showing this new change after the start of the year. They’re raising the summer baseline rates, as well as the 130% of baseline rates, once again.
  • Though this is a huge disappointment to most San Diegans — now having to throw more of your hard-earned cash at your electric bill — many are now discovering what Cosmic Solar’s customers have known for years: Going solar can greatly reduce or completely eliminate your electric bill altogether. In other words, when you’re producing your own electricity with solar power, rate increases have little to no effect on your bill, simply because you’re making your own power on your roof and don’t need to purchase it from the utility.
  • Rising electric rates are inevitable and will continue to happen for years to come. One way you can protect yourself and your family financially is to move forward with solar and battery backup systems in your home. In addition to adding value to your home with the installation of a solar system, stress caused by SDG&E rate increases causing stress can be a thing of the past when producing your own energy.
  • As Bahram Shadzi, founder and President of Cosmic Solar always says to his clients, “why would you want to ‘rent’ your electricity from the utility when you can produce it yourself on your roof?” It’s a good question and we wholeheartedly agree!