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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific question about solar?
Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the answer promptly.

Total cost depends on the system size, equipment and installation type.

The federal government has a 30% Investment Tax Credit, which help to offset a large portion of the initial investment. This great incentive is scheduled to be gradually phased out by 2019.

There has never been a better time to make the transition to solar power! Solar technology continues to improve and costs are coming down ever so gradually. However these won’t last forever. By investing in solar now you will help to insulate your home or business from rapidly increasing energy costs.

Yes. Imagine the cost benefit of paying a lower electric bill, or no electric bill at all. Solar is a low-risk, high return investment that will supply your home or business with free electricity for years after the system is paid for. We will analyze your specific electric usage and calculate exactly what your return on investment will be and how much you will save over the life of the system.

It’s certainly an important question and an issue we do not take lightly here at Cosmic Solar. Despite being an amazing investment and a stellar step towards eliminating energy bills while becoming energy independent, could the installation of solar panels potentially cause harm to my roof?
The short answer is a reassuring “no.” In fact, a solar array, when properly installed by the professionals at Cosmic Solar, could potentially reduce harm to your roof.

Though surprising, consider these facts about a Cosmic Solar installation:

Bahram Shadzi, our president and licensed general contractor, will personally perform an inspection of your roof to ensure the structural integrity is sound and your roof will safely house the panels.

• Solar panels block sunrays that are harmful to your roof. Therefore our solar array helps to preserve the roof beneath the panels by blocking the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light. Your roof, as well as your attic space, will be significantly cooler.

• Our roof mounting supports are properly secured in the wooden rafters on your roof, then flashed where necessary and fully sealed with a special polyurethane 50-year roofing adhesive, eliminating the possibility of any leaking.

• All materials used are stainless steel and aluminum to prevent corrosion.

• Every Cosmic Solar installation is guaranteed for a full 10 years. Therefore, any issue whatsoever with your roof or with the solar system will be addressed in a timely manner at no charge to you.

• In the event your roof needs replacing in the future, disassembling and reassembling our systems is possible. Additionally, the system can be moved to a new house if desired.

If you finance your system, you may realize net savings as early as the first year. Instead of paying your monthly utility bill, you will be making loan payments for your solar PV system. You will effectively be paying less for your loan than you currently pay the electric company. A typical payback is around 4-5 years. Your exact payback period will depend on your electrical usage, electric rate schedule, and cost of your system. Also, as utility rates continue to increase, your return on investment will also increase. Also your loan payment is fixed for the duration of the loan.

There are several ways to finance a solar power system. These include:

1. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Lease
2. Home Equity line of credit (HELOC)
3. Unsecured Loans
4. The HERO loan

Many families are paying for their solar systems from their retirement funds. Any taxes that are charged when that fund is cashed in is considered as income tax, so the federal solar tax credit can be applied.

Our engineer will design a solar system based on your electrical usage. A look at your previous year’s electric bills will give us the information we need to size your system correctly. Your system can be sized to zero out your electric bill completely, or designed to eliminate the higher tiers of your electric usage, which are much more expensive.

The average system takes about 60 days from start to completion. This included system design, getting HOA approvals if applicable, obtaining proper permits, and the actual installation.

Solar systems must be permitted and inspected by local authorities having jurisdiction. Cosmic Solar, Inc. is committed to ensuring each system meets or exceeds building codes. Our team obtains all the necessary building and electrical permits for the systems we build.

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy. It shines every day whether you harness it’s power or not. Other sources of energy need to be extracted from the earth at great expense and damage to our environment from toxins. Energy generated from solar is clean, renewable, and sustainable.

Installing a solar system is investing in an electric generating plant on your roof, or ground rack. It is like having your own small business with a monthly return. Once you install a solar system you no longer have an electric bill, and that money can be used to purchase your system, and eventually be cash in your pocket. Give your roof a day job!

Your Photo Voltaic solar system is connected to your electric utility’s grid. You can use your electricity any time you need it. If your system is generating extra electricity it will be stored on the grid, and your electric meter will spin backwards. At night when you use electricity it will be provided for you from the grid.

Solar customers have a separate billing called Net Metering. Solar customers get a monthly statement in the mail, but only settle with their utility once a year. At the end of the year, it will be balanced out, depending on your solar production. If the production is higher than the usage, your electric utility company will actually pay you for the excess electricity you have produced, or it will remain on you account as Kw-hrs credit.