Our Team

Bahram Shadzi

Bahram Shadzi | Founder and President

Bahram has a master of science degree in chemical engineering and material science from the University of Minnesota. His M.S. degree thesis dealt with the handling and treatment of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. He spent many years as a process development engineer in computer disk manufacturing, semiconductors and manufacturing of flat panel display. During his engineering career, he was involved in the development of systems to treat and eliminate hazardous waste from these industries. He was also a champion of other environmental causes, advocating ways to lower green house gases and to help eliminate ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), just to name a few. He is the author of four U.S. patents.

Over 15 years ago, Bahram decided to enter the field of home remodeling. As part of the new endeavor, he naturally gravitated toward various aspects of green building and reducing energy consumption by applying green alternatives in place of conventional methods of building. He obtained his general contracting license from the State of California along with a C-10 electrical license, as well as a C-46 solar license. It goes without saying he is a passionate advocate and champion for alternative sources of energy, especially renewable solar energy.

Solar power is inexhaustible and produces reliable electricity for homes and businesses with zero emission, protecting our environment. During the past several years, Bahram has been designing and installing photovoltaic (PV) solar systems and enjoying every minute of it. He has dedicated the rest of his life to the cause of solar energy. “I am truly satisfied,” he noted, “creating sustainable and renewable energy solutions that meet the expressed needs of our Cosmic Solar customers. This is the first time in my long career that I feel I have true job satisfaction!”

Bahram and Judith currently live on a seven acre solar powered organic orchard. Their average electric monthly bill has been “close to zero” ever since they installed their solar electric PV system 2005.

Judith Shadzi

Judith Shadzi | Vice President

Judith has her B.S. in Consumer Economics from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Education. She is very active in the community, now serving as an Ambassador for the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce, and Cosmic Solar participates in Valley Center’s annual Western Days by having an award-winning float in the parade six years in a row.

Judith and her husband Bahram have been business owners for twelve years, and she has championed solar technology for decades. She is active with the California Center of Sustainable Energy, they are members of Calseia, and Judith registers Cosmic Solar clients for Netmetering with San Diego Gas & Electric. She is a strong consumer advocate and says her favorite part of being part of the team is getting to know all the Cosmic Solar families.

“At Cosmic Solar, first and foremost, my job is to keep our communication lines open with our prospective clients and solar alumni,” she says, “We won’t rest until all the meters are spinning backwards and our clients are satisfied with our service.”

Pey Shadzi

Pey Shadzi | Operations Manager

Pey came to us with an extensive background in the health field. He studied dietetics at San Diego State and attended his internship at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Through his experience as a licensed dietitian and his research dealing with heart disease prevention, he counseled his patients on how to stay healthy through diet and exercise.

Along those same lines, Pey began to realize how our water and air quality certainly play an important role in keeping us healthy. Pey joined the team and totes solar power as a clean and necessary player in our energy independence. “There’s no question about it, solar is here to stay. Future generations are so lucky,” he added. “They’ve effectively solved the question of where their energy will come from.”

Pey’s dedication to clean, solar energy while zeroing out our customers’ energy bill is an asset to the team. “Watching our customers’ eyes light up when they first see their meter spin backwards is a beautiful thing,” he laughed. We wholeheartedly agree.

Mary Burdick

Mary Burdick | Office Manager

Mary came to us with an extensive business background. Once owner of her own business, she is accomplished at managing the busy offices at Cosmic Solar. She is the pivotal person all the employees call upon and Mary helps Cosmic Solar run smoothly on a daily basis. Mary is a local girl who has worked in Valley Center as Office Manager at the Valley Roadrunner and is presently editor and advertising coordinator for the local Palomar Mountain fire department. She has served as Ambassador of the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce and is currently active with ongoing activities.

Mary’s hobbies include camping, fishing, target practice and spending time with her two grandchildren. She is adventurous and enjoys riding on a motorcycle. She is very excited about solar technology and believes solar power to be “the way of the future.”

Joel Ojeda

Joel Ojeda | Permits and Compliance Coordinator

Joel graduated from Valley High School in Escondido and has been working with us since 2003. His dedication, reliability and talent in personal relations make him a valuable asset to our team. Because of his enthusiasm about solar energy, Joel took up the important task of drawing up our plot plans and single line drawings and collecting our permit packages while gracefully delivering them to the Department of Planning and Land Use.

Often referred to as “the man of many talents,” on his off time Joel displays his mastery of the drums with his band and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Sherry Bailie

Sherry Bailie | Assistant Office Manager

Sherry worked in the Public School system as an Administrative Assistant for many years. Sherry and her husband John installed solar on their home and Sherry started working with Mary in the office. She is a valuable assistant; she sends out referral bonuses and Warranty packets. She works with clients and is an enthusiastic solar advocate.

Sherry and her husband reside in Valley Center and love to fish and camp with friends and enjoy get togethers with their children and grandchildren.

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson | Warehouse Manager

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