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California is offering homeowners a special low interest financing for their home solar project. Cosmic Solar is an approved HERO contractor and we have numerous customers who have opted to use this program. The HERO Program is virtually available in every county in California. This type of loan is sometimes referred to as the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). The loan is paid back through the home property taxes which can make part or all of the payment tax deductible.

With the HERO loan, you will also be able to take advantage of the 30% Federal tax credit. Qualifying for the HERO program does not require a high FICO score and applying for the program is extremely fast and painless. It requires no minimum income and no personal guarantee.

Make payments as part of your property taxes

Take advantage of the 30% Federal tax credit

Part or all of your payment may be tax deductible

If you sell your home or relocate, easily transfer your balance to the new owner.

Fixed payment for the duration of the loan

Rebates & Incentives

30% Credit (no CAP) in Federal Taxes for the year of installation, or rolled over to the next tax year, if needed.

Financing Plans

HERO Program

Twelve Months, Same as Cash

Lease Options with “ZERO” Down

Secured & Unsecured Loans

Home Equity Line of Credit

Low Interest Third Party Loans

Solar Estimator

This Solar Estimator will estimate the size and cost to install an energy system for your home or building. The financial analysis provided is based upon energy bill savings you can expect and the net system cost, after tax credits and other incentives are applied. The results are based upon many assumptions and the limited data you will enter. An actual site assessment by a trained Cosmic Solar professional will be needed to determine the actual costs and benefits of installing an energy system.